Clyne Riders


Nestled in the heart of Swansea, Clyne Woods offers some great riding opportunities for mountain bike and BMX riders. There are a variety of different trails from the way-marked loop to elite level dirt jumps and loam trails.

The Way-marked XC Loop is Red Graded. There are other trails you can ride in Clyne, cyclists have right to roam in Clyne (apart from designated footpaths) but not all trails may be suitable for you. Check the trail before you ride.

Moos Trails are one of the best in the country for expert freestyle riders.

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Out of the Woods with Swansea in the background. Rider - George. Photographer - Sam Davies

Dig Days

Clyne Riders do all the maintenance on the trails in Clyne. Come and help on our next dig day, as well as giving a little back to the sport, it's a great way to meet other riders.

Check out the Clyne Riders Facebook group for the next one.

Moos Trails are all hand built and require a lot of maintenance, all year round, to keep them running sweetly. check out the Moos Trails Facebook Page

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Follow me! Muddy Erks, one of the best natural trails in Swansea. Riders - Tom & George. Photographer - Sam Davies

Want to ride in Clyne?

The trails are ideal for intermediate and advanced riders as well as beginners who have reasonable cycling skills.

Mountain biking is not a risk free activity so we recommend you use protective gear, wear a helmet at least.

Say Hi if you see any other riders, they will be happy to point you in the right direction, and be aware that we share these woods with walkers and horse riders.

A great place to hook up with other riders is the MtbPigs Forum
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Styling it up for the camera at Moos. Rider - Danny Pace. Photographer - Sam Davies

Developing, Maintaining & Promoting Bike Riding in Clyne Valley Country Park Swansea

Clyne Riders - Swansea Local Mountain Bike riders group, working with Swansea Council, dedicated to the development, maintainance and promotion of Cycling in Clyne Woods - XC trails, Dirt Jump trails, Dirt Jumps, freeride areas, Clyne trails Dirt Jumps, Moos Trails Dirt Jumps, and all Mountain Bike, BMX and other Cycling Facilities in Clyne Valley Country Park, Swansea.